Jayne Pellegrino ; performer/artist/lover of aesthetic exploration  [Photographer: Brian Cummings]

Jayne Pellegrino; performer/artist/lover of aesthetic exploration

[Photographer: Brian Cummings]

As a multi-disciplinary artist, Jayne Pellegrino is a creative collaborator who seeks to elevate the beauty she believes each of us uniquely possess. Thanks to her experience as a performing artist, she understands firsthand what it means to be "stage ready" whether that stage be a photoshoot, a performance, a special event, wedding etc. ...the world is your runway and she is happy to have a hand in helping you fulfill your definition of beautiful. After years of backstage makeup and helping fellow artists and students put their best face forward, she developed a love of putting others in the spotlight and watching their confidence radiate thanks to her handiwork. It became intoxicatingly gratifying and paved the way for her career as a makeup artist which she kickstarted at Makeup Designory of New York. There she studied specialFX, beauty, airbrush and styling before working with MAC Cosmetics where she furthered her airbrush skills in Los Angeles. As the diversity of her clientele and projects grew, she quickly saw the importance of caring for the "canvas" of which she worked on (the skin) and went on to obtain her estheticians license after studying with The Skin Institute and training with Dermalogica. She now resides in Melbourne, Australia where she continues her work as a makeup and performing artist and proceeds to develop her creative brain with her present studies in interior design and architecture.